About this website...

I am an ex-student in physics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) and I have created this website to illustrate my third academic year that I passed at the Indian Institute of Technology of Delhi. During this stay, which I realized between July 25, 2003 and June 10, 2004, I travelled all over India and went twice to Pakistan.

Shortly after I came back to Switzerland, my EPFL class mates and me spent one month in Burkina Faso to accomplish a humanitarian study trip with the Nouvelle Planète organization. During this stay, which we realized between September 12 and October 11, 2004, we took part in the construction of solar water-heaters which have been offered to five village maternities.

I then did the following year a three week trip in Namibia, between August 28 and September 17, 2005, which allowed me to discover the main points of interest of the country and the Victoria Falls.

On April 6, 2006, I flew to Japan to learn Japanese and accomplish a nine month industrial internship. Having been seduced by the country, I have decided to stay (permanently ?) there and I am working from now on there as an engineer.

You will find on this website many picture galleries and my exchange report on India. Some pictures are by the way the work of my travelling companion Sylvain Renard and I thank him for his contributions.

I wish you a pleasant virtual trip !

Thimo Sauter

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